Campus Woudestein

The University Plaza provides a clear distinction between a high-density urban area on the south side, and a green park in the northern part, not only creating a stronger sense of place and orientation but also a stronger connection to its surroundings. The typology of the park, with its romantic meandering footpaths, connects to the green structure of the residential area Kralingen, whereas on the south side the high-density urban area is connected to the main structure of the Erasmus Plaza. All existing building backsides in the high-density area will be enclosed by new buildings give the university a stronger and more inviting presentation to its surroundings. The campus will be properly connected to the existing pedestrian and bicycle routes in the surroundings and is from now on also open after midnight, which leads to the campus literally becoming a part of the city of Rotterdam.

"The campus becomes
part of the city
of Rotterdam"
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