Projects overview
Public space

Campus Woudestein

Erasmus University Rotterdam


Up until 2010, the Erasmus University campus was an incoherent and illogical collection of buildings, entrances and parking spaces. In order to accommodate future growth and give the campus gets a new heart, the site will be transformed into car-free, leafy-green environment.

This is done through the introduction of two central entrance axes. These divide the campus into a high-density urban area, with towers, large building blocks, alleys and an expansive lush, green park. Most of the parking is positioned beneath the new Plaza, and situated at the boundary between the high-density urban section and the green parks. The Plaza, with facilities such as restaurants, shops and the new student pavilion, becomes the heart of the campus.

This vibrant centre is located at the intersection of the new Plaza and the existing Institutenlaan. The new heart consists of the Plaza, a pond, an amphitheater with seating steps, outside seating areas and a new student pavilion that contains a restaurant, exhibition space and a theatre

"A new Plaza provides
a bustling university campus
with heart, and multiple possibilities
for densification."