Projects overview

The software company, HSO needed room for expansion, so we designed a new green campus for them. Its is located along the highway bordering the town of Veenendaal. All parking around the existing premises was removed and relocated in a parking garage. This freed up enough extra land to build four new office buildings withiin a lush green landscape. The buildings’ orientation to maximises the experience of the landscape and views over the highway. An existing industrial hall will be transformed into a central facility with a reception area, gym as well as a restaurant at the heart of the plan.

The landscape has two main characteristics: One, a typically formal layout with axes of trees close to the main entrance and parking garage. The other, a romantic, informal layout around the new office buildings. A large, yet intimate, pond serves as a focal point in the heart of the landscape, and a contrast the more formal terrace, along the central facilities. The landmark quality, as desired by the city council, is achieved by placing four large trees on top of one of the buildings. The becomes a focal point along the Highway.

"The introduction of a green heart
as key ingredient for a new campus"
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