The team

Otis Gordon Setter

Date of birth: 12th of april 2012

Residence: Amsterdam



2012 Dog school “De Gabber”



2013 Inspecting parking garage Erasmus Woudestein Rotterdam

2014 Choosing trees at tree nursery Ebben for the BUAS Breda

2014 Inspecting the quay of the inaugural event of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, Amsterdam

2015 Checking out the trees of a new constructed garden in Bavel

2016 Inventory of the Dutch Coast on spacial quality and running facilities

2016 Inventory study area office park Rijnsweerd Utrecht

2017 Walk through new study area Bijlmer, Amsterdam

2018 Inspecting new office on sleeping and lunch facilities

2019 Inspecting new planted trees BUAS, Breda

2019 Providing relaxation for stressed office workers

2020 Inventory of study area in De Held 3, Groningen

"My favourite thing
in life is breadsies"