Projects overview



In 2005 Habiforum, together with the municipality of Tilburg and the inhabitant organization Piushaven, chose Juurlink+Geluk and Stichting Thuishaven Tilburg to make an ecological design for the borders along the Piushaven.

The Piushaven, with a total length of 1420m and a width of 35m is a special spatial element in the city of Tilburg. The harbor was dug between 1921 and 1923 as a side branch of the Wilhelminakanaal. The function of the harbor has since then shifted and place has been made for inner urban development. The presence of old ships, now recreational boats, in combination with the wilder water edges gives the area a remarkable atmosphere. This is the prelude to a new designed harbor park, functioning as  the central connecting space in the neighbourhood.

The length of the park is so big that when you walk along the whole park, you literally make the transition from the inner city to the rural area. In the design this transition is supported by three different representations: the “Park quay’ in the centrum, the ‘Park lane’ in the middle area and the ‘Park yard’ towards the open landscape of Brabant.

A park stretched along
the inner harbor
as the central connector
of the public space