Projects overview

For Madinet Zayed, a city located in the middle of the desert in United Arab Emirates, the city Madinet Zayed we produced a vision for the further growth of the city. With an eye on sustainable growth, we introduced local urban typologies that were based on local conditions in relation to climate and specific social behaviour. The two largest city centres are renovated and reconnected to local traditions such as shaded walkways, Arabic inspired architecture and specific areas for women and children.

The reintroduction of local architecture gives Madinet Zayed a unique ambience. In doing so, the city develops a more recognisable identity: Away from globally generic, and towards locally specific. Inspired by local traditions and architecture, the pleasant, climate friendly, easily recognisable city centres will form the points of special interest in this desert city.

New city centres based
on local tradition and architecture,
with special attention paid to climate

Madinat Zayed

Abu Dhabi, UAE