Projects overview

We designed a new spectacular (ahum ;-)) harbour front for Taiwan’s second most important city, Kaohsiung. Located on the old deserted harbours, we proposed two districts with their own distinct characteristic separated by a small harbour on the end of the Love River: ‘Love Bay’. Lower scale and more granular buildings are introduced on the smaller, old city side of the bay. This area, close to a green mountain with its own temple, facilitates a boutique district for hotels, designer offices, small scale local businesses, etc. At the other side of the bay, close to the modern, large scale city centre, we proposed the introduction of voluminous, high-rise building blocks that will facilitate large multinational offices, a cruise terminal, shopping centres, etc.

"The creation of two distinct
and prominent harbour districts within
a connecting framework of public space"

Kaohsiung waterfront

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Public space