Parking in other projects
The strong natural character can only be realized by using minimum of pavement on ground level and therefore the parking places have to be accommodated in built parking facilities. The car parks in the northern part and central to the pond are built as ‘green boxes’ with an overgrown façade.

At the south side of the Campus four car parks are situated at the border of the campus terrain and the highway. The car parks only partly determine the view on the terrain and are not built as a wall, but make up a rhythm of four ‘slope buildings’. The car park at the central lane is the biggest parking facility at the site. The linear shape and the central position are the starting point of the design of the transparent building. A green glass façade with many openings make the building unique and still as light as possible. Because the building takes up a central position at the site, a segment of the ground floor is not designed as a parking but will have a function in the future which will be oriented towards the central lane.