Projects overview



The rural area between Nuenen and Eindhoven is stongly fragmented. Not only split between two municipalities, but also divided by infrastructure and isolated functions. Green policy, water issues, cultural heritage, housing plans and recreation all put their stamp on the land. To move towards a coherent landscape park we created a vision for a spatial framework. ‘Water’ will be the main theme in this new landscape park.

The vision pays attention to the different areas present in the park like the Dommel stream, marshes, forest, estates, agriculture and city park ‘de Karpen’. Each of these sections has its own atmosphere, site characteristics and issues to address. A new looped walking route is the element that connects all the different parts of the landscape. To reinforce the vision, a starting point for an implementation program together with three strategic key projects are linked to it.   

The fragmented landscape is
united by a looped walking route
and the guiding theme "water"