Projects overview

Cruise terminal

Dubrovnik, Croatia

We approached the design for the Cruise Terminal of Dubrovnik by viewing it as the ‘gateway’ between two different scales. On the one side, is the small granular scale of the historic urban fabric: Hills covered with a network of houses and palaces. At the other end of the scale are the large cruise ships, parking garages, bus terminal and shopping centre. Our proposal for the new cruise terminal has 2 sides to reflect these conditions. The side facing the Mediterranean Sea offers a spectacular view of the large cruise ships and over the water by way of an expansive façade. The roof, on the terminal’s land facing side, integrates into the existing urban areas by mimicking the hills and slopes.

The hilly roof of the terminal is accessible to the public and provides walking paths and small exhibition buildings for the neighbourhood and passengers. The use of Mediterranean plant species contributes to the sense of a green connection with the surrounding landscape. Occasionally, the slope is raised in order to give space for entrances to the delivery and service areas.

"A cruise terminal with two faces
as proposition in line with
existing city fabric"