Projects overview

Campus Holland Spoor

Den Haag

South of the Hollands Spoor station and around the Haagse Hogeschool you find a part of the city that has been rapidly transformed in the last decades of the previous century, from an urban industrial area to an area where a mix of housing and education has been realized. The area around the Haagse Hogeschool is part of the CID The Hague. The CID is a multimodal accessible urban hub, organized around the three main stations in The Hague (HS, Centraal and Laan van NOI). 

The municipality of The Hague wishes to improve and future-proof the outdoor space of Holland Spoor station and its surroundings. Using the idea of ​​a city campus as a base, a change to an actively used outdoor space where people reside and stay is necessary. The destination is no longer outside the area or in the buildings, but is the outdoor space of the area. This makes it part of the city.

The goal can be briefly described in creating a change from “quickly purposefully through it” to “slowly wandering there”. This change is being shaped by means of 12 key objectives. Hereby the area is transforming into a green, active area where studying, living and staying are intertwined.

“The city campus is not
an isolated island,
but optimally connected
to its surroundings”