Projects overview

Sport campus and football stadium


Helmond will build a new football stadium on top of an existing sports park. The stadium, located at the very heart of the park, is surrounded by a circular path. This path facilitates access to and from the various entrances. It also creates space for a running track, bicycle parking and several areas with fitness amenities. New routes and connections to surrounding neighbourhoods will be developed perpendicular to the circular path. The introduction of small hills, even with the required parking space, gives the park a lush green atmosphere. A number of public functions, such as a school and physiotherapy clinics are added adjacent to the stadium’s grand stands. These form the front sides of the stadium with the most important to the public spaces. Additional trainings fields will complement the park.

The park’s atmosphere will be green and lush and given a specific ambience through the introduction of Mediterranean trees. Columnar trees are planted at the four connection points along the path. These create focal points at the most important location in the park. The use of specialised water retention systems beneath the pavement contribute to the park’s sustainability. This is further enhanced by using a mixture of herbal plants that require biannual cropping. The parking areas, not used during the week, also accommodate sports fields and running tracks. This leaves more room for green in the rest of the park.

"A hilly green Mediterranean Sports Campus
provides exercise and recreation space
for the surrounding neighbourhoods"