Bridge of trees

The bicycle path is made a smooth curve between begin and end pot, taking in account the position of the pots on structural and possible position of tunnel and car crossing below. The pedestrian path is projected directly next to this but also has deviations in the carpet of herbal green and towards an extra exit on the route to the shopping centre.

The choice for trees is based on different aspects like, enough height, good resistance in limited growing conditions and referring to the local species of Amstelveen. The carpet of green has 2 dimensions, a more subtle green leafy choice as a base with an addition of flower carpets and shrubs. This proposal establishes a green bridge that is interesting and more cycle-able for humans, whilst it also completes as missing link one of the green corridors in Amstelveen.

Details are embracing the idea of making the most ecological fly-over in the region of Amsterdam

The bicycle path is a smooth curve that navigates between the sequence of pots. It takes account of their position as well as that of the tunnel and car crossing below. The adjacent pedestrian path makes occasional deviations into the herbal green carpet and an extra exit leading to a nearby shopping centre.

The choice of trees is based on various aspects such as, adequate height, healthy resistance to limited growth conditions, and reference to local species. The green carpet has two dimensions: A subtle leafy green base complimented with additional flower beds and shrubs. Our proposal creates a uniquely designed green bridge that provides easy access for cyclists and also serves as a ‘missing link’ for one of Amstelveen’s green corridors.

Design details embrace the idea
of making the most ecological
fly-over in the Amsterdam region