Projects overview
The park

Park Overbos

Prinsenbeek, Breda


The original park on Prinsenbeek’s outskirts served primarily as a buffer zone between the A16 highway and the town. It also happened to be on the route of the high-speed rail link between Amsterdam and Paris. The park was redesigned to include two 100 metre wide viaducts, which flowed over the highway and railway line. These created an interesting topography: pronounced changes in height. The park took on a rural woodland identity: intimate, rustic, and romantic —in sharp contrast to the harsh concrete and asphalt of the highway.

The park’s circulation was designed to accommodate low intensity, recreational traffic. Provision was made for a deer park and fishing deck. Finally, special attention was paid to the design of all park furniture: wood and steel were used in a manner complementary to the park’s atmosphere.

There is a pleasant tension in the contrast between the intimate romantic park and the technical concrete and asphalt of the infrastructure