Projects overview

For the European Space Agency (ESA), we chose to integrate the public space into the bordering landscape: The unique dunes of Noordwijk. A landscape of small hills, beach grass, sea buckthorn and shell paths will surround Aldo van Eyck’s monumental office building. Placed at strategic locations within the extended natural dune landscape, are designed elements such as terraces, a formal entrance alley leading to the visitors building are strategically positions. Each of these areas will be given its own specific identity through the use of unique paving flora plantations.

The introduction of the new natural landscape results in a more sustainable and ecological approach: less pavement, increased storage space for storm water, habitats for unique dune plants and small animals. The dune landscape also benefits the ESA employees: they get to work in natural surroundings and can recharge in a beachfront environment that has plenty of room for strolling, sitting outside and experiencing nature.

"A natural dune landscape
as environment for the
European Space Agency"