Projects overview

Erasmus Medical Centre


EMC Atria
EMC Roofgardens
EMC Public space

The Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC) is undergoing a phased metamorphosis: going under the surgeons knife, so to say. As old sections of the complex are dismantled a new medical center together with faculty buildings slowly rises in their place.

Creating a new medical center in the heart of the city requires a spatial concept which is based on connectivity. In our view the spaces need to be designed in such a way that it feels inviting for all kinds of groups or individuals like patients, visitors, medical staff and students. Besides that we find it important  one can navigate through a hospital without just following red, blue or yellow lines. Therefore we introduced an inner street (passage) that connects both the city and the various parts of the hospital.

The main theme of the transformation of the Erasmus Medical Center is creating a “Healing Environment”. It is believed and proven that a green and natural setting accelerates the healing period for patients. To make this environment visible we created a series of green atria and usable green roofs which are interconnected via the new inner street. Each space has its own atmosphere varying from a dynamic garden where people have lunch and meet to a quiet “fruit tree roof garden” where patients can have a private talk with their family. 

"The Erasmus MC as an inseparable part of the inner city of Rotterdam"