Projects overview



5-Tracks is a development existing of three buildings on a roof landscape. The roof landscape of 5-tracks is located in the Via Breda area, a location within the city that is undergoing a large-scale urban transformation. The roof landscape is approximately four meters high, with parking underneath, and overlooks the railway. The buildings are programmed with living, working and a hotel.


The characteristics of the tracks have been taken as the guiding principle for the design of the roof landscape. The rusty brown steel of the rails, the direction of the track, the scattered catenary masts, the light gray stones between the tracks and the railway embankments with natural vegetation are the elements that characterize this landscape. In the design for 5-tracks, five tracks are the linear elements that organize and divide the roof landscape. Between the tracks are groups of trees in a raised, rusty brown, steel planter. The planting is rough and consists of grasses and natural plants with pronounced shapes and colors. 

"The rough landscape of the railway
tracks is translated into a cultivated
form on the roof landscape -
and together they form one world
with subtle differences."